PUMP room /Restaurant & Lounge/


Address: Bayangol District, II khoroo, Seoul Street, on the eastern side of the Railway Authority

Working hours: From Monday to Friday 12.00-00.00

Contacts: 99192812, 99032026, 94992026

Offers: Slow roasted BBQ pork spare rib served with boiled broccoli, mashed garlic, Crispy German pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and mashed potato


A brand new “PUMP ROOM restaurant and pub” is offered to you all, who are smart business minded people. Don’t you find a comfortable place except your meeting room at your office to talk business with your partners? If so, this restaurant is the right place for it. I can proudly host your partners, because our restaurant’s interior design and taste of meals is amazing. I can trust on taste of meal cooked by Singapore cooks and interiors design made by Singapore interiors. It will positively and greatly influence to your new contracts.

You can have an opportunity to talk about business and put your document on the broader desks, you can find from other places in Mongolia. I would like to whisper you that many divergent and brilliant choices are there in the bar. While talking over business, you can have chances to connect through WiFi and control you business environments. If you don’t want to loose your innovative ideas to others and want to be with your friends in comfortable environment, you can use VIP rooms. The big room, which has a capacity of over 30 people, is also offered to you. You will see that “PUMP ROOM restaurant, pub” is good business environment. Let’s create your Successes together.


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