Plate thermal exchanger

  • Thermal supply exchange rate is high
  • Reasonable size and weigh
  • Possible to transform its capacity as changing the number of plates during its lifetime
  • Plate for heating exchange is made of material that never acidized / Steel, brass, titan, nickel, etc/


Automatic adjuster

The automatic adjusters regulates consumptions volume of heating, ventilation and hot water supply system as depending on outside weather condition and modes of customer heating usage.

Ultrasonic flow meter

Intended use:

  • It was piloted by the experiments carried out by Standard and measurement Regulatory Authority. Based on its performance results, it has been permitted for use.
  • Certificate was issued by State Certification Office.
  • Data logger show ultrasonic flow meter’ results by hour, day and months. Data could be taken through network and mobile devices.
  • There are plenty of choices that customers can choose their needed ones as depending on their thermal consumption and system conditions (input diameter is 15-100mm and frame for metering discharge is 0,5-120 m3/hr)

Frequency transformator

Intended use;
  • To regulate speed of engine operation
  • To save power supply for thermal and electrical consumption
  • Full protection for engine
Scope for use:
  • Pumps
  • Fan
  • Equipment and device’s engines

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