If you will be work with us

You will become a part of the company, which is well known in Mongolian Electricity and Power sector and a key contributor of the national development. Then you will be provided with following opportunities

  • Work with the modern skillful and educated youth and become a member of the innovative and enthusiastic team
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally as working in friendly and supportive environment (Training development policy, scholarship, etc.)
  • Competitive salary and incentives based on work results and products
  • Workers will be covered be social wellbeing and security programs (health program, soft loans for apartment, discounts for wotkers and other additional benefits)
  • Learning opportunities from investors, partners, foreign expatriates and leaders through cooperation
  • Encouragement and supports for innovative ideas and wills to produce great results
  • Opportunities to be provided with regular information with the most contemporary development and progresses in electricity and construction sector
  • Once you can become of member of the leading company in electricity sector, you can contribute the Mongolian development with your own exciting inputs.

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